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Dear colleagues,

if you have been successfully developing a business in selling or manufacturing jewelry for a long time and today you are thinking more and more how to use the latest technologies in jewelry, how to find partners, buyers or suppliers in new markets - join us at an international conference "Jewelry of the 21st century"

We are sure that by communication with the participants of our conference, you will earn more and more efficiently because of several reasons:

1. With great pleasure and sincere interest we will know what tasks you set for yourself in business today. And even before the conference we will clearly understand how we can be useful to you and what potential partners we can introduce you to. An individual approach and deep immersion in the business of each participant is the main secret to the success of our conferences.

Moreover, the conference participants in advance will be added to the closed chat, where they get acquainted, communicate and, if desired, make the first deals before the conference!

2. The conference “Jewelry of the 21st century” will bring together 85 people who own and operate jewelry factories and chain stores in 12 countries.

A simultaneous translation into 3 languages will be organized throughout the conference, so all of us can understand each other easily and quickly. Highly professional translators will be happy to help you in individual negotiations during the conference as well.

Not only the wide geography of the participants, but also the coverage of all components of the jewelry business (production, sales, certification, delivery, investment) is an essential part of the conference program.

 3. Locations steers - many retailers know that it is this rule that determines the success of the retail business. We decided to look at this rule a little wider and thoughtfully chose the venue for the conference. Cyprus is:

In the program of the conference: 3d technologies in jewelry production, DLP technology for jewelry models with high detail, ways to maximize profits in the manufacture of custom jewelry, additive technologies, CAD modeling, reverse engineering, the use of new materials in jewelry (carbon fiber, titanium fiber, ceramics and nanoceramics, palladium, rhodium, osmium, hot enamel), optimal methods for expanding the assortment, methods for increasing jewelry sales.

 Join the conference “Jewelry of the 21st Century” and grow your business in step with the times and internationally.

The cost of participation in the conference is 399 € (for registration until September 30) and 499 € (for registration from October 1 to October 15), and 599 € (for registration from October 16 to November 1).

To register, call: +357 962 287 62, +7 9608085082.